Update: Congratulations to our winners, Jailyn (Calhoun County High School), Jardyn (Mceachern High School), and Destiny (Calhoun County High School).  We are collecting the pictures of the winners and will upload soon.  

**I’ve teamed up with Ariel Reynolds to give away $1,000 to high school seniors for the Class of 2020.***


Due to COVID-19, many, if not all, high school seniors will not experience a high school graduation. Additionally, this age group of individuals, below age 24, were not eligible for a stimulus check due to being claimed on their parents’ tax returns. Further, they aren’t able to hang out or celebrate with their friends due to the national stay-at-home orders. What should be the happiest time of their lives has turned into something that none of us could’ve imagined. However, Ariel and I want to help bring a little happiness to these achieving students.


--parents’/ parent must collectively make $50k or less a year
--must be a graduating high school senior of the Class of 2020
--must have graduated from a high school in the State of Georgia


--Four winners’ will be chosen and given $250 each
--a gift basket that contains amazing and needed graduation goodies
-- a secret surprise that will only be announced upon winning


To be considered to become a winner, entrants must send their 1.) name, 2.) high school name, 3.) what career path they wish to enter, and 4.) what they will miss most about high school in an email to info@jamescamper.com


The submission period to enter begins today, Monday, May 18 and ends Mon, June 15 at 5pm EST. Only submissions that are timely submitted will be considered for winners.


---All people who meet the qualifications that are mentioned above are eligible to become a winner. GPA, and other scholastic achievements, will not be a factor of consideration.


If you would like to contribute/ donate a gift to make this project a larger success (funds, computers, gift certificates, food card certificates; etc.), please contact me at info@jamescamper.com, and we will ensure your gift is properly added.