James Camper is an active broadcaster/ commentator, activist, humanitarian and law graduate.


He travels across the country to lend his hand in America's most pressing matters.  He was fortunate enough to travel to Baltimore and seek justice on behalf of Freddie Gray---participating in protests and attending forums to bring a resolution to the situation.  He was in the forefront in Flint, Michigan to distribute water to the affected water victims, where he personally met with Mayor Karen Weaver to trade dialogue about the man-made disaster.  He also traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to attend the funeral for Walter Scott, the father of four who was illegally and fatally shot five times in the back by a police officer.


He feeds the homeless on a weekly basis.  In his 'Homeless in the City' visits, he gets to know the respective person he is feeding that day and gets to know their story over some good, hot lunch.


James could use your help and assistance in helping to bring opportunites to people, help

feed the homeless, travel more frequently, and to be of assistance when America has various causes that he would like to participate.

Donate whatever you can securely through PayPal.  Your donation will go toward the betterment of our communities, cities, nation, and world.