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'Homeless in the City' w/ Brandy (1)

Friday, January 8, 2016.

In 2016, I'll be choosing a random homeless person every week to take to lunch.

The name of this movement will simply be titled "Homeless In the City."

The first person of the year was a woman by the name of Brandy. Brandy has been homeless since 2002 due to her house burning down. She has five children that are all in adopted homes, the oldest being 13 and youngest being 3. She was abandoned as a child by her mother and her father abused her as a child, breaking her ribs at one point, and she ended up in the foster care system. In foster case, she was sexually molested numerous times. Before homelessness, she was a skilled and paid dog trainer and believes that 2016 is her year to get back on her feet. She loves Nas and Kid Cudi. She supports Hillary Clinton for president and doesn't like Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reed, due to his "dislike for homeless people."

We ate at Rosa's Pizza in downtown Atlanta.

God bless you, Brandy.

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