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'Homeless in the City' w/ Chip (16)

Saturday, May 7, 2016. In 2016, I'll be taking a random homeless person to lunch each week. In this week's 'Homeless in the City,' I was led to a man named Chip. Chip has been homeless for five years. He says he became homeless by temporarily living with a friend when he was going through hard times. That friend unexpectedly evicted him without cause. After his eviction, he says he simply never got back on his feet and has been homeless ever since. Chip says that since he's been homeless, he was brutally attacked by other homeless guys for sleeping in a spot that "belonged" to them. After this beating, Chip became unable to walk on his own and due to his condition, he is assisted by a walker. Due to Chip's condition, instead of entering a restaurant like normal past interactions, he asked me to bring the food to him. However, I actually like the idea and will probably adopt that concept henceforth. We ate Rosa's Pizza. God bless you, Chip.

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