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'Homeless in the City' w/ Tony & Melissa (4)

Friday, January 29, 2016.

In 2016, I'll be randomly choosing a homeless person to take to lunch each week.

I have titled this movement "Homeless in the City" and today, while on vacation in New York, it led me to a couple named Tony & Melissa.

Tony & Melissa have been legally married for seven years. They originally met in North Carolina where he worked as a chef and she worked as a cashier. Tony's aunt died while they were living in NC and Tony's supervisor refused to allow him to go to the funeral. Tony went anyway to pay his last respects and he was subsequently terminated.

Due to his termination, the couple found themselves homeless and without money. They have been homeless for one full year and moved to NY six months ago for better opportunities, but are having trouble landing on their feet.

Melissa is currently pregnant and they are praying they get back on their feet before the baby arrives.

They currently sleep on the streets of New York.

We dined at Al's Delicatessen in midtown New York City.

God bless you, Tony & Melissa.

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