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'Homeless in the City' w/ Kevin (10)

Friday, March 18, 2016. In 2016, I'll be randomly choosing a homeless person each week to take to lunch. I have titled this movement 'Homeless in the City,' and this week, it led me to a man named Kevin. Kevin is 68 years old and has been homeless for more than a decade. He is originally from New Orleans and lived there faithfully until Hurricane Katrina forced him and so many others to move. He found himself in Atlanta but has not found adequate housing. He was injured as a toddler by falling out of a tree. This injury caused great damage to his brain and due to this, he is unable to work. Kevin has one daughter and one grandchild. He says that he enjoys socializing and getting to know others. He has deep faith in God and in prayer. We dined at Quizno's in downtown Atlanta. God bless you, Kevin.

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