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'Homeless in the City' w/ Joanne, Vivian, Gary (11)

Friday, March 25, 2016.

In 2016, I'll be choosing a random homeless person to take to lunch each week. In today's 'Homeless in the City,' I was led to a couple and their friend named Vivian, Joanne and Gary. The couple, Joanne and Gary, are originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey. They moved from New Jersey to Morrow, Georgia in search of better opportunities with Joanne's aunt. Things didn't work out with the family situation and they found themselves homeless for the past two weeks. They sleep on the streets of Atlanta. They have no children together; although he has three and she has two. The two are hoping to have somewhere to live by the first of the month with the approval of a pending legal settlement. Since their homelessness, they have befriended Vivian. Vivian has been homeless in Atlanta for the past twelve years. She's full of life and is very funny. We dined at Moe's in downtown Atlanta. God bless you Vivian, Gary and Joanne.

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